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Deal with packet loss using next generation erasure correcting codes.

Erasure Correcting Codes

Erasure correcting codes find their main applications in lossy network or storage networks. Some of their primary use-cases are:

  • Low latency: The time it takes for a data packet to reliably arrive at it's destination is crucial for some application. Using ECC you can optimize your application for low latency even with packet loss present.
  • Multicast: When the number of receivers is high - unicast is very inefficient. By using ECC we can turn an unreliable multicast channel into an efficient reliable channel. See our YouTube video on how this works.

Key features

Kodo Slide takes care of all the math such that you can focus on the application.

  • Flexible: Allows you to tune the algorithms to your needs.
  • Simple API: Makes it easy to use and integrate.
  • Performance: Building on our highly optimized math libraries you get hardware acceleration on both x86 and ARM.


In our documentation you can find:

  • Getting started: Our guide should get you up and running quickly. If you run into problems do not hesitate to reach out.
  • API: Read about the functions available and how to use them.
  • Examples: Example applications are available for you to study.

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