Warning: This is an old version. The latest stable version is Version 11.0.1.


kodo-slide implements a sliding window erasure correcting code.

Erasure Correcting Codes

Erasure correcting codes (ECC) find their main application in communication networks or storage systems. The fundamental use-case is to repair data loss in an efficient way.

For networking applications ECC is typically used to interleave the regular data packets with ECC repair packets. These repair packets are generated from the orignal data packets and can be used to repair loss of the data packets.

Traditional ECC codes work over a block of packets. The kodo-slide library implements a sliding window code which works over a stream of packets.

Sliding Window

Encoding data using a sliding window is a novel approach to ECC. It has a number of interesting benefits over using traditional block code. To learn more you can find details here:


This project is still in development stage which means that it is undergoing significant changes and development.